About Us

We are two long-standing friends who love good food and good wines.

We’ve been travelling all over the world and in every Country we have visited, not only we have appreciated the archeological and natural sites, forests, coral beaches and blue seas, but we have always tasted the traditional excellent dishes, trying to have a cultural exchange with local people.

We have loved all the places we have visited and the food we had, but we feel like speaking about what we know well, what we’ve learned since we were little girls.

We are not chefs and in our site you won’t find out too elaborate recipes, instead the ones of the Italian tradition, the ones our grandmothers transmitted us with love.

You don’t need any particular skill, just passion and time to dedicate to yourselves.

Because to our culture, cooking is first of all a pleasure, a heal for our souls and a joy for our taste.

So, choose the best ingredients, turn on music, keep a glass of wine at hand and enjoy your time while cooking with us.

It’s easier than you think, just do it!

We’ll support you and we’ll show different options in case some ingredients cannot be easily found in your area.

There’s always a solution, this is our philosophy.