Saffron in cooking

Ground saffron is the most widespread but quality of dishes and their flavour will be poorer. Using threads is not more difficult, you just need to know how to proceed and what is the correct quantity. Furthermore powder saffron can be adulterated with other similar spices, less expensive, like turmeric.

You have to soak the threads in hot water (not boiling water) in a coffee cup. You can also use broth or milk, depending on which recipe you want to cook.

The longer the threads are steeped, the stronger the flavour and colour. So let’s say that 40 minutes would be a perfect infusion time. You can also prepare one day before using it by storing it in refrigerator.

For a risotto allo zafferano serving 6 people you would need about 0,25 gr saffron (one teaspoon – 0,01 ounce)