The different kinds of soup in the Italian cookery

MINESTRA (soup) is a vegetable broth enriched with cereals or pasta and dusted with grated parmigiano.

The word ZUPPA (soup)  has a German origin and means soaked bread. It’s made of vegetables and pulses, without rice or pasta.

It’s served with croûtons and it’s less liquid than minestra

MINESTRONE is similar to both ZUPPA and MINESTRA. The variety of vegetables and pulses mixed with pasta, or cereals like rice and barley makes this dish thick and rich.

VELLUTATA (creamed dish) has a very soft and homogeneous consistency. Generally speaking it consists of no more than 2 or 3 vegetables.

CREMA (creamed soup) is made of only one base ingredient. The chosen vegetable shall be blended, once done, with the addition of a little bit of flour, butter and milk, to taste. The result is similar to vellutata, but its taste is stronger

PASSATO is a mixture of vegetables, cooked in salted water or broth and then blended to obtain a liquid soup to be served with just grated parmigiano, without adding pasta or cereals.

MEAT BROTH is a base recipe obtained by cooking fat beef and chicken meats in water for 3 hours with carrots, celery and onion.

It’s served as a base for soups with pastina, tortellini or other hand made pasta shapes like passatelli and used as a cooking liquid for many dishes like risotto.