The Apulia region

Apulia is rich in art, history and nature and it’s in the heart of the Mediterranean area, in a strategic position. Centuries of history and unforgettable landscapes make this place absolutely unique.

more than 800 km (497 miles) of coasts with vertical sea cliffs and multicoloured sea bottoms  or sandy beaches shelving towards crystal clear waters

All along the coast, there are many marinas, docks and berths for the boat lovers who want to explore the wonderful inlets and the breathtaking emerald sea bottoms.

The backcountry is amazing as well: A varied and uncontaminated natural landscape, that can be visited in different ways, thanks to a wide offer of trekking tours, bike routes, bridle tracks by the seaside, and last but not least the Via Francigena and the Via Sacra Longobardorum.

The historical and artistic heritage is also very rich, due to the fact that many civilizations inhabited Apulia leaving a cultural treasure that can be enjoyed not only in the main towns, but also in the small villages. Besides medieval castles, cathedrals, baroque and Renaissance buildings the artisan workshops offer wonderful artistic creations like laces, ceramics, wrought iron, papier-mâché, terracotta.

Cookery in Apulia is a triumph of Mediterranean flavours:  home made orecchiette, barbecued meat and fish-based dishes, seasonal vegetables, dairy products and cheeses and many bakery products.

Apulia counts on excellent raw materials, whose quality is always on top.

The recipes are really countless and change according to seasons. So in spring and summer lighter vegetable and fish-base dishes are preferable to the typical autumn and winter recipes made with pulses, home made pasta with several sauces.

Among the products, the most important are the extra virgin olive oil, pasta and wine. The main grape varieties are Primitivo, Negroamaro and Nero di Troia).