Langhe e Roero

Langhe and Roero area is one of the most enchanting landscape in Piedmont.

It’s a zone of rolling hills, old villages on their top, a country of vineyards and great culinary traditions.

This is a land of excellence, the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature, art and good food and wine.

It will be a hard choice among all the delicious dishes to taste and the products to bring back home as a souvenir.

Langhe is situated between two rivers, Tanaro and Bormida, and alternates hills covered with vineyards (Bassa Langa) to valleys with small fortified villages (Alta Langa).

Roero rises on the left side of Tanaro and it’s named after an ancient family, who’d been the lords of this small feudal estate for centuries.

This land has always been disputed and divided into small feudal estates struggling one against the other over the years and this explains why there are so many castles and fortifications.

Making an ideal tour of the region, Alba, which was founded by ancient Ligurian people, is now one of the of the most important towns, it’s known as the city of the white truffles, of excellent wines and other delicacies.

Barolo is amazing as well, not only for the wine bearing its name, but also for the history bringing us back to Gonzaga and Savoia families, for the Falletti Castle, seat of the City Wine shop and for the Museum of Civiltà Contadina, where ancient objects and tools are exhibited as an evidence of an ancient country heritage.

Cherasco, founded in 1243, known for its chocolate cakes, is one of the most ancient villages of Langhe, situated on the top of a hill. The streets of the centre are rich in nice baroque and neoclassical buildings.

We highly recommend a visit to Grinzane Cavour, a village where Camillo Benso, Earl of Cavour lived. He was a vey important political figure for Italian unification.

The castle, built in fired bricks in the XIII century, is one of the most ancient of the whole area. It was renovated in 1600 and today it’s the seat of the regional wine shop and a wine museum.

Bra is the most important village of Roero, a zone of excellent wines and cheese, sweet hills and good food. The medieval name of Bra, Brayda, means ‘cultivated land’ and that proves the ancient vocation to the farming activity of people living there.