If you wish to spend a few hours in Milano, walking there without a destination, as this is the best way to visit a town, it’s possible that you’ll be disoriented of the radial street layout and you’ll have the sensation to move away from the centre, but suddenly you’ll be aware that the town is not that big one.

This is what I felt the first times I went to Milano: I was certain to know where I was, I turned to an unknown street and I suddenly found something attracting my attention… sometimes a building, a hidden courtyard with a lush garden, a church… sometimes the silence of an old district.

Milano is like this, behind the stereotype of a metropolis always out of breath, with no green life and just devoted to work and happy hours, there is a town with tree-lined avenues, well-tended parks, alleys with workshops where one can feel the experience to be in an old quarter with a human dimension.

Those who drive on the “circonvallazione “, the ring road going around the city, wouldn’t feel like living in Milano, but they don’t know that every building overlooking the main streets has a back part over silent alleys with no heavy traffic that is worth a stroll.

You would have the chance to escape from the noisy mess of the main streets and find out nice shops, small squares with old buildings, historical restaurants offering traditional menus and cafes where sitting down for a coffee while reading newspapers.

And so Milano is always able to amaze me, even though I’ve been living here for many years.