Salami Museum

The museum is located in the old kitchens and the pantry of Felino Castle and it offers a tour in the world of salami to visitors with many stories, anecdotes and witness about a knowledge dating back to a couple of centuries ago or more.
The Felino salami is made today exactly as it was in the past by pig butchers who, after an accurate meat selection and a traditional process, prepare a product for a slow and natural aging.
The museum itinerary is composed by several sections showing the art and objects of the “norcineria” (the room where the butchers process cured pig meat), the tools and the secrets of the meat cuts , the spices giving flavour and the salting, the consumption and the gastronomic use of salami.
A selection of vintage pictures and photos enrich the itinerary, as well as videos and clips on the salami production.
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