Verona is a special town for me, a place I love that brings me back to my youth, when I  went to see my friend Antonella, taking the train all alone for the first time.

I felt at home with her family and I felt at home all along the city streets, a small treasure but with a great value: Piazza Bra, the Arena, Lungadige, Juliet’s balcony, the Roman theatre.

A small town, lively and dynamic, full of cultural events, especially in Summer when the Arena presents a program with the most famous operas, to be seen at least once in one’s lifetime, in a wonderful setting.

I also love Santa Lucia day, on the 13th of December, a very important celebration for the Veronese, even more important than Christmas.

It’s very fascinating to walk among the stands set up in Piazza Bra and buy delicacies and gifts suitable for all ages.

We were two young girls who were going to move towards life in a cheereful and enthusiastic way, and laughs and secrets were the seasoning of our friendship.

I remember that time when an odd old woman slapped me on a bus with no reason, blethering nonsense. We are still laughing at it.

On the other hand there is a popular refrain saying that “veneziani… gran signori” (people from Venice are fine gentlemen) “Padovani… gran dottori” (people from Padua are good scholars) “Vicentini… magnagatti” (people from Vicenza are cat-eaters) and “Veronesi tutti matti” (people from Verona are all mad).

Once eighteen year old, we finally could devote ourselves to one of our favourite passions: we loved to visit the several wine bars in the town and have a ‘ombra de vin’ (literally a wine shadow) the typical glass of wine taken as an aperitif. It’s so called because a glass of wine just makes a shadow on the table, it can’t be harmful, it’s just a pittance, troubles are not like this.

If this is madness…