the Spumante wine

Which came first, Spumante or Champagne? It was really the abbot Pierre Pérignon who, thanks to his experiments in the Hautvillers Abbey in 1670, discovered the re-fermentation of bottled wine by chance?
Probably not, as in 1622 Francesco Scacchi, a doctor from Fabriano, Italy, described a method to make normal wines sparkling in his “De salubri potu dissertatio” an essay on how to drink healthily.
Scacchi was a member of a prestigious family of doctors and in his essay he explained which is the correct way to drink water, tea and wine and the effect that these drinks have on our bodies. In particular he described in details the method to make still wines sparkling, adding must or dried grapes.
At any rate we must say that sparkling wine is also mentioned in the Bible and in the Aeneid, the epic poem written by Virgil who talked about a “Spumantem pateram” (sparkling wine glass). What did Scacchi was to describe the method of the sparkling process and to state that sparkling wine could do good to health as long as drunk in moderation.
In other words he was the first to philosophize about sparkling wine, a drink to sip in special occasions.