Milano e Torino
Servings: 2
Preparation: 5 min.

3 cl (1 oz) red Vermouth (or Punt & Mes)

3 cl (1 oz) Bitter Campari

A slice orange

Ice cubes


Glass: chilled tumbler or old fashioned

Useful Suggestions

The aperitif Milano-Torino or Mi-To, was first prepared around the second half of the nineteenth century. The Vermouth Carpano and the Bitter Campari were the most popular alcoholic drinks of that period and the cocktail made by mixing them, soon became the first aperitif among Italians, until early 1900, when a lighter aperitif was created. It was the Americano, similar to Mi-To, with the addition of Soda. Recently, it has been rediscovered, thanks to the importance given to vintage. MiTo is the ancestor of a whole generation of aperitifs (I.e. those drinks giving an appetite), like Americano and Negroni which is the most famous variation of MiTo.