Noodle broth
The recipe for the cold winter days
Servings: 4
Preparation: 30 min.
Cooking: 2 min.

Pasta sheets prepared according to Pasta Fresca recipe with 3 eggs

1,5 l. / 50 fl.oz. Meat broth (see the relevant recipe)

Grated parmigiano or grana

Hand made noodles from fresh pasta sheets


1 - Start from the pasta sheets, prepared according to the “Pasta Fresca” recipe.

2 - Cut the sheets into about 50 cm/20 inches long pieces, dust with flour and roll them.


3 - Once all the sheets are rolled

4 - Cut them thinly with a knife, in case your pasta machine is not equipped with the noodles accessory.


5 - Unroll the noodles

6 - onto the working surface, to dry them.


7 - Set the broth, previously filtered, to boil, then add noodles. After a couple of minutes, as soon as they come to surface, they are done.

8 - Serve hot with grated parmigiano or grana.

Useful Suggestions

In all Mantua area, the good rule requires 1 eggs per person, as in the past people used to work on farming and needed a high energy intake. Lambrusco, the wine we suggest for pairing, is often combined with broth and drunk as an aperitif.

Suggested Wine

The wine pairing we suggest is Lambrusco, or Barbera and Gutturnio in their fizzy version: all of them match very well not only with broth but with tagliolini too.