Tortino di carciofi
Servings: 6
Preparation: 15 min.
Cooking: 50 min.

5 artichokes

1 lemon

50 gr (1.8 ounces) unsalted butter

50 gr (1.8 ounces) all-purpose flour

500 ml (0.11 gallons/0.9 pints) milk



Grated grana or parmigiano

(Optional: 1 egg)

preparazione del ripieno


1 - Remove the tough outer leaves from the artichokes, cut the point off, so as to eliminate the spiny tips, and the stem, keeping the tender part aside.

2 - Cut each artichoke in quarters, trim off the choke and peel the outer part of the stem.


3 - Soak artichoke quarters and stems in a bowl with water and the the juice of a lemon squeezed.

4 - Wash the artichokes and stems under running water and boil them in a pot full of salted water, for 20 minutes, until soft.


5 - Drain the artichokes and cut them and the stems into small pieces, eliminating the tough leaves, if any. Stir in to the bechamel.

6 - Pour the mix in a ceramic pan, dust with grated grana or parmigiano and add a few butter flakes.


7 - Put in preheated oven at 180C (350F) and bake for 15/20 minutes, until the top is lightly browned.

preparazione della salsa béchamel


1 - In the meantime, prepare a bechamel, melting butter in a medium pot,

2 - then adding flour stirring vigorously with a whisk to avoid lumps.


3 - Pour the milk, previously heated, a little at a time and stirring continuously.

4 - Once poured all milk,


5 - set to boil and let cook for 5 minutes.

6 - At the end, add a generous pinch of salt, a quarter of a teaspoon of ground nutmeg, and 3 tablespoons of grated grana or parmigiano.

Useful Suggestions

If you want a more nourishing dish, you may add an egg to the bechamel, before adding the artichokes.


Artichokes contain Cynarina, the substance that gives their bitter-sweet metallic taste.

Suggested Wine

The wine pairing with artichokes is difficult because of their strong flavour, able to change our perception and scents. We are going to try anyhow suggesting a rosé wine, perfumed and tasty, able to enhance the delicate flavour of the other ingredients, or an aromatic white wine, like Traminer, spicy, with a strong aroma and with a high alcoholic content.