Raising or Sultana?

Do you know the difference between raising (or currant) and sultana?

The two terms are often thought to be synonyms, on the contrary Sultana is a grape variety, while raising is dehydrated grape, under sun or in stove.

The misunderstanding is due to the fact that raising is mainly produced with Sultana grape, besides Corinto and Malaga varieties.

Sultana variety comes from south Western Asia, it’s good as table grapes and for the production of juices, distillates and obviously to be dried.

According to the legend, the word sultana is derived from an Ottoman sultan who, escaping from a tiger, left the grape just harvested under the sun for a longtime. When back, he realised that the grapes were still very good.

Hereunder a few examples of how raising is called throughout the world:

Kish Mish in IRAN,

Couforogò in GREECE, 


Thompson seedless in the USA, 

Uva de Pasa in URUGUAY